Markets may be impersonal…at Scoular we’re anything but. Good business begins with good relationships. That’s why we want to know our customers and their businesses.

We serve customers in the following markets:

Food Manufacturing and Processing

Our integrated supply networks give food manufacturers access to conventional, organic, and functional ingredients as well as an array of co-packing services.

Grain Production

Our local offices and grain handling facilities create integrated marketing, buying, storing, handling, and shipping programs for North American producers.

Specialty Grains

We use multiple safeguards to manage identity preserved and organic corn, white corn, soybeans, wheat, and other grains from field to end use.

Industrial Ag Processing

We create custom-designed service arrangements adapted to meet processor’s plant-by-plant needs, including feedstock supply, byproduct marketing, and crush risk management.

Livestock Feeding and Feed Manufacturing

We integrate sales and logistics to give livestock feeders price risk management tools as well as just-in-time delivery of whole grains and feed ingredients.

Pet Food Manufacturing

We globally source a full range of wet and dry pet food ingredients to support brand and price strategies of pet food manufacturers.

Container and Vessel Transportation

We offer freight, forwarding, logistics, and documentation to container shippers around the globe.

Rail, Truck and Barge Transportation

We coordinate logistics for shipping agricultural products by rail, truck, or barge from Scoular-owned or third-party facilities to destinations across North America.